Villapark Le Jardin du Golf 7


Comfortable villa with private pool on a park with a golf course and open air swimming pool

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The 59 villas are spread out over villapark Le Jardin du Golf. There are seven different types, ranging from 4 to 8 person accommodation. There are terraced (FR-83860-06 an-08) and detached types (all other types). There are even villas with a private swimming pool (FR-83860-10, -11 and -12). All apartments are comfortable, luxurious and fully furnished. Type FR-83860-06 is a bit more simple. Type FR-83860-09 comes standard with a bathroom and in some cases, two bathrooms. Whichever type you book, you have a garden with terrace and garden furniture. You can park at the villa (1 parking spot per villa). The rent includes 200 kWh of energy (FR-83860-06) or 350 kWh (for the other types). Use above this amount must be paid for on site. The private swimming pool at FR-83860-10, -11 and -12 is can be used between 28/04 and 06/10.