Villa Vue panoramique sur val du Chassezac


Villa in the Cevennes on the border of the Ardèche and stunning views of a lake

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This holiday home is a perfect spot for your hiking, water sport or relaxation holiday, nestled against a mountain at the top of the Languedoc, in Les Cévennes National Park on the border with the Ardèche, with a view of a meandering river. A hiking trail starts from your own house: you can romp for hours across the uplands, enjoying the view and the area’s pure natural beauty. The spot where the river broadens and there are little sandy beaches, which you can see from the house, is an ideal spot for swimming. Once you have swum here once, you will never want to swim anywhere else! Daytrips to markets and towns, vast vineyards where you can sample wine from the vintner himself, everything is equally delightful. The house has a lovely ambience and offers complete comfort. Below you will find a kitchen and upstairs you will find the living room and the dining room, which gives onto the partially covered terrace; the view is astounding. You can spend days and evenings here on this terrace, you can see the entire valley and watch the birds of prey as they circle in the sky. There are three bedrooms and 1 bathroom. A wonderful spot.