Vakantiehoeve de Noordhoek


Farm for groups with lounge and bar and rural location

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An authentic old farm "De Groene Wal" anno 1870. The farm is situated overlooking 4 km from the town of Lo and is 20 km from the Belgian coast, between the historic towns of Diksmuide, Furnes and Ypres, the holiday farm is completely hidden among the corn in the heart of the summer Westhoek.Tijdens wheat – canola fields and passes to wide open spaces. In winter you can enjoy the soothing polder plains and magical scenes, whether or not covered with snow. This residence is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac, ideal for those seeking peace and nature zoekt.Vakantieverblijf De Noordhoek, is "the place to be" for large families, who enjoy each other’s company, but also put on some privacy with their gezin.De perfect location if you wish to visit on the occasion of the commemoration because of the Flanders Fields World War IThe farmhouse overlooks the WWI front of the Iron Tower Diksmuide in the background. Out of respect for our heritage followed the hostess training in 2013: World War I Memorial (100 years of the Great War) via WESTTOER Bruges. We carry the logo "Commemorative Partner WWI"