Cozy, authentic house in a quiet village, also as the big house BE-6698-15

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This holiday home truly takes advantage of the intimate character afforded by the hip roof. Unlike most homes, the bedrooms here are on the ground floor and the living/dining room and kitchen are on the first floor. This lets you really enjoy those nice meals and evenings together in a pleasant ambience. And the fact that the interior is mostly made of wood only contributes to the warm character. It’s so nice that you almost don’t want to go out. The accommodation shares an entryway with BE-6698-11 but is otherwise completely self-sufficient and can be closed off. This shared entry makes it ideal for larger groups to combine the two accommodations so they can have a bit more privacy if they want. This combination of both houses is for rent as BE-6698-15. The owner of the house also runs a restaurant, which is located no more than 50 metres from the accommodation. Among his specialities is steak sourced from his own cattle, Sallers rund. Ennal belongs to the municipality of Vielsalm where there is a lot to do, such as Sunparks, paddle boats on the lake, Plopsa Coo, the historic centres of Stavelot and Malmedy and the F1 circuit of Francorchamps F1 circuit. The area is quiet and rural, and therefore very suitable for long walks.