Torre San Gimignano


Medieval tower from the twelfth century with a beautiful panoramic terrace

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This special medieval tower dates back to the twelfth century. There are 10 floors in total, with the top floor terrace boasting splendid panoramic views. The terrace offers views from all four sides. Each floor has a floor area of 7.5 square metres and the tower is 40 metres tall. The walls are approximately 2 metres wide on each side. Each floor has a nice, cosy interior featuring customised furniture. The bathroom is located on the third floor and the kitchen on the first floor. An iron staircase with railings connects all floors. The staircase has 150 steps. The tower is located in the beautiful medieval town of San Gimignano. There used to be 72 towers of which 13 towers remain nowadays. This holiday home is situated in the only inhabited tower of the town. The tower was fully restored in the nineties and has been turned into a unique accommodation. This is an ideal holiday home for those who love historical and special places. It is unsuitable for families with children under 12 years old.