The Cottage


Romantic cottage on a private estate with sweeping views on the olive groves

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Romantic cottage with stunningly beautiful views from a serene hilltop on an exclusive 250 hectares estate, crowded with cypresses and oaks, open to lovely walks. The cottage enjoys total privacy on a six acre olive grove with a thriving organic vegetable garden. The owners’ house is one hundred yards away and lies beyond a wall of vegetation which ensures total privacy for the cottage which has its own entrance and parking. The estate—with its splendid Renaissance villa–offers memorable walks through pristine forests that witnessed the passage of St. Francis. Nearby a medieval Franciscan convent with a lovely garden is run by seven eccentric nuns as a spiritual retreat and guest house. Surrounding fields produce saffron, sunflower, wheat, and the rich tobacco for the famous Tuscan cigar. The ‘Via dei Sapori’ (road of many tastes) passes through nearby Anghiari–celebrated by Leonardo da Vinci–only 5 minutes by car. It is one of Tuscany’s most authentic villages known for its antique fair, theater, concerts, The School of Autobiography, and delicious trattorias–a list of favorites will be provided. Fifteen minutes away lies Sansepolcro, birthplace of the great Renaissance master painter Piero della Francesca whose fresco ‘The Resurrection’ is visible everyday until midnight. In this eastern part of Tuscany, bordering Umbria, many villages with art treasures and antique fairs dot the landscape. Florence, Siena, Perugia, and Assisi are all easy drives from the house. Convent of St. Francis This beautiful convent has wonderful gardens. Villa of Barbolana This 16th century villa, built in classic Renaissance style–overlooking its 250 hectare estate–is the home of the owner’s cousin, and a landmark for the region of Anghiari. La Pergola Trattoria This nearby restaurant is owned by the popular chef Doretta. Run by her two delightful daughters, it is very well-known in the region for its delicious food. It also has a bar/cafe. During the winter months, it closes on tuesday, while in the summer it’s always open. Anghiari One of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy Sansepolcro A jewel of a Renaissance town and birthplace of the renowned artist Piero della Francesca. Caprese Michelangelo Birth place of the great Michelangelo Monterchi Tiny village that proudly claims Piero della Francesca’s masterpiece, "The Madonna del Parto" or "Expecting Madonna." This amazing fresco of the Madonna about to give birth is unique. Castle of Poppi Dramatic medieval castle in the heart of picturesque Poppi, where the poet Dante sought refuge when exiled from Florence. Lovely setting for a day visit. La Verna Saint Francis’ final journey passed through today’s estate of Barbolana on the way to La Verna, where he died. La Verna is now a site of pilgrimage. Monte Santa Maria Tiberina Set on top of a hill is the ancestral feudal castle of Cardinal Francesco del Monte, famed patron of the painter Caravaggio. A long winding brings you there. You can enjoy the panorama from a charming restaurant that overlooks the Tiberine Valley. Arezzo Fascinating medieval city with its dramatic Piazza Grande portrayed in the oscar-winning film "Life is Beautiful" by Roberto Benigni. Famed for its amazing frescoes in the Basilica of San Francesco representing "The Legend of the True Cross" by Piero della Francesca. Birthplace of the poet Petrarch and the painter/ architect/ historian, Giorgio Vasari (author of "The Lives of Artists") The towns of ASSISI, URBINO, PERUGIA, TODI, SPOLETO, SIENA, MONTALCINO, FLORENCE, AREZZO, each can be viisted in a day’s excursion.