Detached house in a quiet location and surrounded by a large garden.

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Detached house in a tranquil setting surrounded by a large garden. An ideal destination for people who love peace and quiet, since there is little tourism. The house is surrounded by an enclosed garden measuring over 2500 square metres. A large part of the garden behind the house consists of a grassy field where kids can play. There is a wonderful beach nearby. This small, detached house is in a very quiet location in the village of Surville on the west coast of Normandy. This part of Normandy is known for its vast sandy beaches (2.5 km) and its picturesque fishing villages such as Portbail (8 km). For a daytrip you can take the ferry to the Channel Island of Jersey from Carteret, which is a bit farther away (20 km). Rouen, known as the city of a hundred churchtowers, is among the attractions in the area. This is where Joan of Arc was burned as a witch in 1431. Normandy is a region in northwestern France, situated on the Channel between Picardy and Brittany. Normandy’s historical heritage can be explored in a number of wonderful towns, such as Caen, Deauville, Rouen and Bayeux.