Authentic house in the Elzas forest area.

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Lambach is a location in the Moezel area of France, just in front of the border with Germany. It lies approx. 108 km. East of Metz and 90 km North of Strassbourg. The region is very green and natural. Its a very wooded area with many walking- and biking options. The region offers besides a broad assortment of wines also a diversity of restaurants. In the near vicinity of Lambach are some old villages which are worth visiting. Spread throughout the area are some castles which are connected with each other throug a walking course. Your holiday house is situated in the middle of the regional park in the area. Near the area where the house is situated a river runs which flows into a nearby lake. The area is aswell as the garden called to be generous and entirely fenced. The house is a typical regional building and in a good condition. It is well kept and has a warm radiation. Outside it has a covered terrace with barbecue. Internet connection "High Tech" = €15 /week