Sevillana OG


Apartment with pool between lakes Faakersee and Wörthersee, and the Gerlitzen ski area.

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The smaller of 2 appartments in a quietly located house between the Faakersee and Wörthersee lakes. Accessed up a private staircase to the side of the house, there is a shaded roofed terrace outside the entrance – perfect for reading and relaxing out of the glare of the summer sun. Inside there is a seperate bedroom with 2 single beds, and a large open plan living/bedroom, so you can put the kids to bed and have the rest of the appartment to yourself. The kitchen is small, but adequately equipped with combisteamer, a moicrowave oven, 4 hobs and an oven. Kids facilities in the garden are unrivalled – with even a proper pool. An excellent family choice!