Cosy home on ground floor in very forest rich environment

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In the middle of the beautiful Erstgebergte lies the community Pöhla approximately 50 km. south of Chemnitz and 20 km. north of Oberwiesenthal. The village is situated on an altitude of approx. 500 metres above sea level in the Pöhla valley. It is surrounded by stretched out forests which is crossed by endless hiking roads. Particularly the 38 km. long walk is highly recommended. It offers you a beautiful picture of this, still unknown, region and is well kept with benches and small restaurant to catch ones breath again. At the edge of the village lies Haus Seiler on a 1500 m large parcel. It accommodates a cosily furnished house on the ground floor which directly accesses the slightly sloping garden with terrace and garden furniture. Recommendations are especially Dresden (120 km.) and Klingenthal (40 km.), but certainly also the other side of the border with Czech cities such as Karlsbad (55km.).