Schweigt mir von Rom


Holiday home on the edge of a forest and lake, in the lake area between berlin and the Baltic Coast

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This holiday house got its name Schweigt mir vom Rom in 1987 when it was still a hostel. In 2008/2009, the house was completely renovated and updated to current standards. The house’s location is optimal: near the sea, near the edge of the forest and with a charming stream that flows by the house. The Tal der Eisvögel nature area starts near the bridge over the stream. Behind the house you will find the loam cliff where the kingfishers nest. The small village of Bad Stuer is located at the southern point of the Plauer See and the beach and harbour are located approx. 300 metres from the house by foot. You can reach a series of fishing ponds via the kingfisher valley. There is trout fishing summer and winter, and there is a fast food hut for a snack and a drink. The entrance to the Bärenwald is near the fishing ponds, which is a retirement home for street performing and circus bears. The bears each live in their own forest and a visit to the Bärenwald is certainly worth the effort. Plau am See is the nearest town (9 km). Plau has a new boulevard, plenty of restaurants, 4 large supermarkets and a number of lovely shops. There are many cycling and walking routes marked out in the lake area and Bad Stuer is at the crossroads of the routes to the various lakes. The centre of Berlin is accessible within 1.5 hours by car, as is the Baltic Coast at Warnemünde. A short distance away there are lovely villages and towns, often with beautiful castles and historic buildings. The castles of Ludwigslust, Güstrow and Mirow are quite famous. All in all, there are numerous options for fun day trips.