Sans Souci


Charming holiday home with lovely garden and a superb view on the lake!

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In this pleasant holiday home you can completely unwind while the children are swimming in the lake! Inside, you’ll find a well-equipped kitchen, offering all modern amenities. The living and dining room can easily be reached and when the weather is nice, you can eat either on the covered terrace or the open terrace. There are three bedrooms in total; if you’re a little cold, you can light the wood-burning stove. From the balcony you have a fantastic view on the lake. Here you can of course go swimming or you can enjoy the beach. There are also lots of hiking and cycling paths through the woods. If you want to visit a further away attraction, there’s volcano park Vulcaniac of Lemptegy, at the edge of the volcanic area in the Auvergne. In Saint Chervais you’ll find a restaurant in the old castle. The Roman churches in St. Nectaire and Orcival are absolutely worth a visit. Finally, there’s plenty to do in the large city Clermont Ferrand; Michelin aventure, shops, the cathedral and the St. Marie du Port (Roman church).