Beautiful dune villa with thatched roof on Ameland. 800 meters from the beach

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This magnificent villa with thatched roof is situated in the dunes of Ameland. The beach which you reach via a duinenpad is 800 meters from the villa. The beautiful natural dunes between Nes and Buren, and the woods behind the house where the villa is very suitable for hiking. All the houses in this area (required) thatched, making this the most beautiful and picturesque area of u200bu200bAmeland. The villages Nes and Buren with shops, restaurants and even an indoor pool, both are just steps away. If you’re on Ameland, you may of course skip the mudflats, you can walk there from Friesland to Ameland. In the village Hollum are many monumental buildings in the small nostalgic streets. By the amount commander homes, the village has not lost its original character. Fun to do is to climb the lighthouse which is rewarded with an impressive sight. A special show is the journey from the reddingsmudeum Abraham Fock, which bring some horses the lifeboat into the sea. In house Rixt is an analog (cable) internet connection.