Chalet with phenomenal views across natural surroundings – perfect for all ages

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Unwind in one of the most beautiful locations in the Czech Republic…on the top of a mountain near Dvůr Králove nad Labem you’ll find a former spa, where once rich people from Prague came to relax. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the serenity and the gorgeous view. No TV for a while, but time for each other and time to engage in different activities in the beautiful surroundings. Lázně pod Zvičinou (consisting of a hotel, a few hiker cabins and 2 holiday homes) is a "Luftkurort" thanks to its healthy air and the healing water from the spring. The water has a specific taste and together with the healthy mountain air it’s said to lengthen your life with a couple of years. Believe it if you want, but do take a dive in the spring water pool, drink the healthy water and you’ll find out for yourself what the effect will be… Summer or winter, sun or rain…you won’t be bored here for a moment. Will it be a dive in the natural swimming pool with separate children’s pool, a game of tennis, ping-pong, Russian bowling or enjoying a Czech beer and the daily changing view on the terrace? You can register on-site for breakfast, lunch and dinner (daily meals). For the children it’s also perfect here…several playgrounds, a football/volleyball court, helping with the animals in the petting zoo, there are quests being organised and in case of bad weather they can enjoy themselves in the indoor playground with ball pit (for a fee). The direct vicinity is perfect for fantastic hiking and cycling tours and there are plenty of possibilities for excursions. During the winter months, the ski lift and ski school for beginning skiers are right in front of the door; there are several cross-country skiing routes and you can enjoy the starry sky at night from the wood-fired hot tub.