Provençale Mas (18th century) with enclosed garden with private swimming pool

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A picturesque Provençal Mas (18th century), with its beautifully enclosed courtyard and private swimming pool, lies hidden in the center of the village of Piolenc. From this holiday home it is only a short walk to the restaurants, bakery and supermarket. The beautiful, thick nature stone walls, the arches and artistic details (paintings by the owner) make this house very cozy. On entering, you will forget that you’re living in the village itself and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the serenity. You can enjoy a lovely brunch under the large tree. If the kids have had enough of the pool, then we have another super distracter nearby, i.e. the Gruss circus!! Within just one kilometer, the kids can take a look behind the scenes of the national circus "Cirque National Alexis Gruss". The circus performs in Paris every winter. But in the summer (mid May to mid September) they can be found in a magnificent 12-hectare park in Château du Cirque in Piolenc. This is where they create and practice their new shows. For sports and nature enthusiasts, there is plenty to do in the fascinating nature surrounding the impressive mountain the Mont Ventoux (height 1912 m), that dominates the entire area.