Beautiful house in Morvan nature park with large garden, sauna and nice view

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Stay in the midst of the beautiful Morvan nature area, which is part of the famous Burgundy region, an area that evokes images of natural beauty and a rich array of cultural attractions. The green hills invite you to take long hikes and bike rides, and the beautiful Lac de Pannecière, where you can not only swim but also enjoy a variety of water sports, is just a short distance away. And then there is the culture don’t forget the many castles for which the region is known. One of the best known is in the medieval town of Semur-en-Auxois. If you don’t mind driving a bit farther, Autun and Dijon, the former capital of the Duchy of Burgundy, are well worth a visit. And have we mentioned the famous wines? Of course you can always just relax at home in your tranquilly situated accommodation, since it is equipped with all the conveniences. And what about the very beautiful and spacious garden; What could be nicer than enjoying a glass of newly purchased wine – from the wine cellar of the owner – at the end of the day as you sit here in the evening sun?