Le Rouret en Ardèche 7


Atmospheric apartment modern and cozy holiday with three swimming pools

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This modern and cozy holiday park has several homes in as many as 8 different types. First of all there is the FR-07120-33. This type of home is suitable for 5 people and is comfortably furnished. There is also the FR-07120-34. This is the VIP version of the FR-07120-33, i.e. a more luxurious interior. This home is also suitable for 5 people. There is also the FR-07120-35. This type is suitable for 5-6 people. There is also a VIP version available, the FR-07120-36. We also have the FR-07120-37. This home is suitable for 8 people and this type also has a VIP version, the FR-07120-38. Aside from the holiday homes, we also have a number of apartments available. There’s the FR-07120-39. This apartment is suitable for 4 people and is a little more spacious compared to the holiday homes. And finally, there is the FR-07120-40. This spacious apartment is suitable for 6 people. Both the holiday homes and apartments feature a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher. The holiday homes also feature a private garden with a patio. The apartments have a garden or a balcony, also with cozy seating.