Le Nou


An utterly charming stone cottage where to relax and discover the Ardens

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Come and discover this charming cottage, where relaxing is easy! The house is an ancient farm from 1830 that the owners fully restored. It is located in a small village of 250 inhabitants. In the cottage, the modern comforts are combined with authentic original elements of the ancient farm, which creates a sheer atmosphere of cosiness and authenticity. Three bedrooms are available, one of which is best suited for children: there are three single beds, one under a low ceiling (roof slope) and another an small alcove, accessible by ladder; no doubt that the children will have fun there! The owners have two horses that graze and walk into the meadow next to your garden during the day. The view from the terrace and the garden is very relaxing. There are plenty of well-known sights and towns in the surrounding such as as La Roche, the Barraque de Fraiture (where you can ski in the winter), the Hotton caves but also the famous "La Chouffe" beer brasserie. Attention The owner will ask an extra €250,- deposit for all groups below 30 years old. Dogs: The garden will be inspected before departure; The dog can not stay alone in the holiday home; The dog will have a travel cage for the night, for the more quiet a basket is enough. Unsorted garbage: 25 € bag.