Le Chajoux 8


8 apartments in a chalet, 2km from La Bresse

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This spacious holiday home has got a view over the valley of Chajoux, has got a high ceeling, many windows and a nice playset. The house offers beautiful wooden beams on the ceiling, which gives a nice winter sports feeling. The children will not be bored one minute of the day, because thanks to the playset in the shared garden they can play all day and meet other children. Furthermore, there is a course to play a feisty match of jeu de boules. If you are passionate about skiing, don’t worry. You can keep all of your ski equipment in the basement, which is used especially for storage. In the environment of the holiday home, a lot can be done. All of the nature that can be found creates the perfect setting for refreshing hikes or cycling. You can easily go to the Verticales Vosges (2,5km), where you can make adventurous climbs in the mountains. In Colmar (51km) you can visit the French Manneken Pis (”little man pee”), enjoy the beautiful city center with its historical buildings and even the Statue of Liberty! Strasbourg (122km) offers a cosy quarter named ‘Petit France’, lovely parks, cathedrals and other historical architecture that explain the history of the city!