Landgoed Minne


Beautiful estate with villa and house with swimming pool and sauna in park garden

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This great country estate with beautiful park garden and historical villa is situated in a hilly area in the Belgian town of Ronse. The country estate consists of a large villa for 24 people and a smaller building sleeping another 6 people. During your stay you will also have access to a wonderful swimming pool and beautifully landscaped garden. During dark winter evenings it’s also nice to jump into the Finnish sauna! Because the accommodation sleeps 30 people, it’s perfect for a wonderful weekend with the extended family or a group of friends. There are plenty of bedrooms, ensuring privacy for everyone; this will make your stay even more wonderful! You’ll immediately notice the historical feeling in this house thanks to the many authentic elements. Look at the claw-foot bathtubs for example, or the beautiful balcony, the wooden floors or those small decorations. There’s enough to do in the beautiful surroundings, for example a walking or biking tour through the nearby forests; or visit the historical towns of Ronse, Gent or Lille.