La Petite Merveille


Beautiful, authentic house with sauna, tastefully renovated and redecorated

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Together with BE-6997-58, this beautiful house makes up the group accommodation BE-6997-56, but is also available separately. You’ll share the parking and the garden, but other than that the house is completely self contained. And what a house it is! All the tiny details have been taken into account in the design and rarely will the modern facilities, expected by the today’s guests, be combined so perfectly still maintaining the authentic style, like in the bathroom and kitchen. You’ll find old stone walls and wood everywhere, creating a warm atmosphere even when the fire is not lit. Above the living room is an open corridor which enhances the spacious feel. Notice that one of the bedroom doors is integrated into the stone wall. The infrared sauna is not a tiny cubicle that you have to squeeze yourself into, but a half open space on the first floor, making it enjoyable even for people who don’t like small spaces. Is the weather nice, head outside where a large (shared) garden, and a terrace directly adjoining the living room, await you.