La Merveille


Beautiful, one-of-its-kind home with a sauna and unique, attractive decor

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A stay in this truly unique home can not even be called a beautiful experience; it’s a ‘happening’. Because what you’ll find here, you’ll hardly find anywhere else. It starts once you step inside the spacious hallway where you’ll see a wood-burning stove shaped like an engine block and the space around it is carved out as if you are entering a cave. This theme continues up the stairs that wind upwards like rocky steps. But that’s not all. The long dining table isn’t just placed on the floor, no, only one side of it is, the other side is suspended! In the living room there’s a stairway made of a tree trunk, leading up to the top bedroom. And here too are so many details that you could spend your whole stay looking at them. The kitchen, the bathrooms and the sauna are made in the same style, but of course have all the necessary modern facilities. The large garden is shared with BE-6997-57, but you’ll have your own roof terrace. There is only one danger concerning this house: everything else afterwards will seem mediocre.