La Merveille des Ardennes


Combination of two unique properties for the enthusiast, with sauna ‘s

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The combination of these two separate houses (BE-6997-57 and BE-6997-58) creates nothing less than a WOW! experience for anybody who enters here. House BE-6997-57 is very cosily decorated with lots of wood, stone walls, a gallery above the living room and a bedroom door integrated in a stone wall. And then you haven’t even seen BE-6997-58, because that’s truly a unique house. It begins in the spacious hallway and continues all the way up to the top bedroom. What exactly are we talking about? What about a wood-burning stove in the shape of an engine block, a flight of stairs that looks like it’s carved out of rock, a dining table for 12 people that’s partly standing on the floor and partly hanging from the ceiling, of stairs made out of a tree trunk? And that isn’t everything, because both homes are equipped with all modern conveniences with new kitchens and bathrooms, which by the way are made in the same beautiful style. And then there also is a Finnish sauna and an infrared sauna, a very large garden and a roof garden. A place for people with very good taste!