La Maison du Jardin


Old gardener’s house nearby the Mont Saint Michel.

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This lovely old gardener house belongs to a beautiful castle and is situated near the Mont Saint Michel. Relax in the sun while sitting on the lovely comfortable garden furniture. The children will not be bored, because they can play well in the big green garden. The convenient kitchen allows you prepare a delicious lunch, which you can eat in the garden. The unique bedrooms will evenings are comfortable and ensure you the next day are fresh and fruity to explore the region! You can draw a lot of business in this beautiful region of France! Many things can be done and visited in this beautiful region of France! The large and beautiful city of Rennes (71km) offers a historic center with many original architecture, as well as beautiful churches and cathedrals. Plenty of beautiful parks can be found and you can even learn more about the history of France when visiting La Roche-aux-Fees. In Saint Malo (61km) you can explore the town which is filled with beautiful locations such as La Cite d’Aleth and St. Vincent Cathedral. A visit to the Mont Saint Michel (19km) is highly recommended! This magnificent abbey church on an island is already on the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979!