La Maison de Célestin


Spacious house in authentic Ardennes style with beautiful, sunny garden

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Who doesn’t want to enjoy the ideal combination of rustic and modern? These two qualities have been perfectly harmonised here in this home. Built in the 16th century, with thick stone walls, the home radiates a bygone ambience. This historic character has been preserved even after a renovation, and you can see it in the massive woodwork. Yet within that long-ago atmosphere the modern individual will find everything he needs. The bathroom is new, as is all the kitchen equipment, including ceramic cooktops. And there is WiFi of course, so you can sit on the couch with your laptop while the wood crackles in the stove. The house is surrounded by a garden where you might see a neighbour pass by on his tractor every now and then. There is a lovely terrace and, since there are so many places to sit outside the house, you can even decide whether you want sun or shade. Besides hiking and cycling, there are many other things to do in the area. Destinations include Malmédy, Spa and Coo (with the Plopsa amusement park and the waterfall), as well as northern Luxembourg. These are all just about a half hour’s drive. The many monuments and the museums dedicated to the infamous Battle of the Bulge are also quite interesting.