La Colline


Detached modern villa with stunning views, beautiful garden and large pool.

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The first thing you’ll notice about this villa is its unique location, space, and the great view. The villa has been renovated with care, exuding a lot of serenity. The outdoor life will mostly take place on the high terrace with a view, in the lovely landscaped garden, near the swimming pool (at a lower level) or in the natural fields around the house. The rooms are all fresh and comfortable. The furnishings and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms also make this house suitable for two small families. You can walk straight outside from the living room to enjoy the wonderful view. The garden is landscaped in such a way that there’s always something in bloom. There are lots of things to do in the direct vicinity. Think about visiting small villages and beautiful medieval cities, enjoying nice but very affordable restaurants, but also think about the Lascaux caves exposition, the impressive gardens in Terrasson and about the exciting canoeing trips on the Dordogne in Montignac.