Characteristic, comfortable holiday home with magnificent views across the Moselle river

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If you walk out the front door of this apartment, you’re only 30 metres from the Moselle river. You could hardly get any closer to this romantic river! In the evening you can have a wonderful dinner in one of the many outdoor cafes and watch the sun set slowly behind the hills. On these hills you can see the vineyards, where they make the famous wine which can be bought everywhere in Zell: Schwarze Katz. This animal has been the town symbol for many years. This is also clear from its presence on the central square. The apartment is furnished in a modern way and enjoys a beautiful view of the Moselle. The apartment also features all modern amenities. A nice thing to do is to follow the river through the hilly landscape, either going upstream (in the direction of Trier), or downstream (in the direction of Koblenz). You should also visit the picturesque Cochem if you’re there.