Im Aller-Leine-Tal


A detached, four-star holiday home with a spacious garden and many leisure activities.

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The village of Grindau is part of the town of Schwarmstedt. The village is on the southern edge of the Lüneburger Heath Lands in the popular Aller-Leine Valley. The area is surrounded by woods, fields and meadows. It is perfect for walking and cycling. This detached holiday home is attractively furnished and has a spacious terrace with garden furniture. There is a barbecue, play-equipment and a large play area and sunbathing area. There are many superb attractions in the area. These include the Walsrode Bird Park, the Hodenhagen Serengeti Park, the Soltau Heide Park, the Münchehagen Dinosaur Park, Verden Magic Park, the Lüneburger Heide Wildlife Park and more.