Hof van Aken


Nice apartments in a monumental square farm.

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The Court of Aachen, whose oldest parts date from 1671, has been restored and the interior is transformed into a number of holiday homes. The court is located in the idyllic village of Richelle, just across the Belgian border on the riverside of the Meuse. In addition to the Court of Aachen itself, where you will be staying, Richelle has many other attractions, including castles and churches. In Richelle and the other surrounding villages, signs of religion are not hard to find. The Ardennes and the Voer-region are easy to reach, where you will find loads of wonderful hiking routes. Are you more of a cultural person? No problem. Besides the fact that Richelle is only 15km south of Maastricht, the cities of Liège and Aachen are also nearby. Liège has been known by the industry, but today it has become one of the most fashionable cities in Europe. Every Sunday night, at the banks of the Meuse, the famous Marché de la Batte place takes place. It is the largest market in Europe. Also the Montagne de Bueren is worth a visit, because it is one of the most remarkable streets of Liege. It is a staircase dating from 1881 and forms a link between the citadel hill and the old town. It counts 374 steps.