Detached holiday home in Bad Arolsen with private garden in central location

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This spacious and characteristic holiday home is situated in the middle of Landau’s historic city centre. The house was recently renovated but its character has been preserved. It has plenty of space and is therefore an ideal accommodation — for two families as well as for a weekend with grandma and grandpa. The garden is also at your disposal. With its own castle and city wall, Landau was an important stronghold during the Thirty Years’ War against the nearby principality of Arolsen, best known for being the ancestral home of Queen Emma. Little about the street layout and the character of the half-timbered houses has changed since the 16th century, making you feel as if you’ve been transported back in time. The town’s small size is especially striking, and it is also how the strong village culture has remained intact. Sprawling deciduous and coniferous forests as well as the nearby lake Twistesee make Bad Arolsen a hiking paradise. Furthermore, there are many opportunities to be active: swimming at the lido Twistesee, fishing, golfing, horseback riding, tennis and much more. Discover all the possibilities.