Charming and comfortable house with great character, modern amenities and sauna

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The foundation of this home is almost 200 years old and this fact alone guarantees an accommodation full of character and ambience. You will find plenty of it here, with charming elements like the woodstove in one of the two parlours. Naturally, the home has been thoroughly renovated to meet the needs of the modern holidaymaker. There are perfect bathrooms, one for each of the two bedrooms. One even contains an infrared sauna. The bedroom on the top floor is spacious, even more so because the bathroom, containing a massage shower, is open. In addition to the double bed there is also a single bunk bed, but if you are staying with a child who is still too young for such a bed then an ordinary single bed can also be added. The accommodation shares the entrance with the residence of the Dutch-speaking owners, but they are so friendly and hospitable that this is actually an advantage. The garden is also shared, but you have your own terrace, where you can soak up the sun in privacy. The High Fens are a beautiful area bordering the Eifel region of Germany. There are some wonderful places to visit, such as Monschau.