Fränkische Schweiz


Apartment with Mediterranean-style furnishings, open fireplace and terrace in Franconia

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The small, idyllic district of Wichsenstein is situated in the Jura mountains in the middle of the region known as Franconian Switzerland. Surrounded by forests and meadows, this is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Franconia, a place to experience nature in its pristine form. Wichsenstein is a popular daytrip destination, not least of all because of its renowned vistas. Set amid the delightfully serene atmosphere of the district, the interior of the holiday apartment is designed in a Mediterranean style. The terrace adjoining the apartment offers a unique view of unspoilt natural beauty. Nestled in an extensive and lovingly designed garden, this is a great place to enjoy some soothing peace and quiet. A relaxing and rewarding holiday is waiting for you here!