Florijn 4


Charming lodge in the former fishing village of Oost on Texel

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This home is a lodge, suitable for 6 people. From this house, you have a wonderful view of the Texel farmlands. This beautifully renovated farmhouse with authentic details is located in the village of Oost. Under the thatched roof you will find 4 lodges, of which the Florijn 4 offers the best views over the farmlands. The farmhouse kitchen with modern conveniences is ideal for spending many hours together, and if the weather’s fine, the terrace is the place to be. Who knows, you might be treated to a gorgeous sunset! Or perhaps the wading birds with their unique calls invite you to take a walk to the dyke to enjoy the beautiful views of the beach and sea. You will be staying on an island, where you will be exposed to the wind. As soon as the wind becomes a moderate breeze, you can hear it whistling around the farmhouse. An excellent excuse to curl up on the sofa next to the wood stove with a glass of something to warm you up. The interior of Florijn 4 sketches a rural scene with old Dutch tiles and paintings and offers, above all, plenty of comfort. Just around the corner is a large 1000 m2 playing field with an actual wooden playground ship. For a fun trip on Texel, your first choice will be the lovely village of Oosterend with its characteristic village centre (4 km).