Florijn 3


Charming lodge in the former fishing village of Oost on Texel

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This four-person lodge is situated under the thatched roof of this farmhouse near the Wadden Sea. An excellent starting point to make acquaintance with the countryside life on the island of Texel. The house is located in the centre of the large farmhouse, which features four lodges in total. The centre of the home is the beautiful wood stove, opposite the doors to the terrace, where the thick hedge will prevent the sea breeze from bothering you. If we believe the stories from times long gone, a ceramic pot filled with Dutch gold coins was found near De Florijn. You would ask yourself how such a treasure would end up in a sleepy village like this. Let your imagination run free. Oost was once a lively trade town with a harbour. People would make a living fishing for oysters or collection seaweeds. Real adventurers would go whale hunting in the cold waters. In the town of Oost you can share in the peace and quiet of the islanders. You can also be on the dyke in 10 minutes and enjoy the beautiful view over Texel’s biggest attraction: the beach and the sea. The little ones will enjoy themselves on the 1000 m2 playing lawn with wooden play ship, directly next to the house. For a nice family outing you can choose to go to Oosterend with its characteristic village centre (4 km).