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Charming lodge in the former fishing village of Oost on Texel

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This luxury, detached farmhouse is located in the authentic village of Oost on Texel island, a few kilometres from the well-known village of Oosterend. An ideal, peaceful spot among islanders. The 6-person lodge with private entrance is situated in the front part of this stunning farmhouse with thatched roof. The lodge is completely separate from the other three lodges. The bright living room with kitchen, wood-burning stove, large windows and tiled floor with underfloor heating emphasises the rural feeling. On sunny days, you can enjoy the same feeling on the cosy, south-facing terrace. The perfect spot to sit and watch village life go by. Every now and again you’ll see a local walking his dog, or two neighbours having a chat across their hedge. Around the back of the house, you’ll find a 1,000-m2 field. Perfect for kids to play, they’ll love the wooden ship in particular. They’ll be acting out the most exciting adventures ‘at sea’. If you’d like to see some real boats, it only takes 10 minutes to get to the dyke. Get up on top to admire the magical sea. On calm days, the water can lie still like a mirror, but on a windy day you can watch the waves hit the boulders. Take your time to take it all in, accompanied by nobody else but the thousands of water birds. The pleasant town of Oosterend is only 4 km away.