Absolute detached holiday house at the edge of the forest

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This newly built, completely detached holiday house, which you occupy entirely by yourself, is modern furnished and lies directly at the edge of the forest. The nearest house lies at no less then 1,5 km. distance through which privacy and peace is guaranteed! In the garden, where garden furniture and barbeque are available, you will enjoy the sun undisturbed. This is an ideal starting base to explore this gorgeous region for the nature lover, hiker and biker, which has a variation to offer of nature, culture and history. As a result of which is the well known German legend about the gang of robbers of Johannes Bückler, aka the Schinderhannes, found its origin here around 1800. He travelled, supported by the local people, together with his 300 robbers, through the Hunsrück and Moezel and fought with the hated French. Even today the many local objects remind of this remarkable story of which you will certainly learn more about at the spot. Besides that a trip to the beautiful fortress city Kastellaun (7 km.) is an absolute recommendation. It offers an historical and friendly centre in which past times are combined with the nowadays ambiance. For the bicycle lover the Schinderhassenweg appeals which takes you through Pfalzfeld and Kastellaun to Simmern. As a walking area, the Hunsrück is enormous versatile. Several walking courses take you over a length of 25 km. through, amongst other, the Baybacktal, the Lützbachtal and the Hunsrückhöhenweg, where afterwards at your end destination, you can use the good buss connections which take you back to your starting point. In case you want to enjoy nicely, a visit to the famous Moezel wine region, which lies at only 12 km. distance, is highly recommendable, especially in the months September and October. In short, a lovely property which combines privacy and peace with an endless amount of possibilities. Specifics: next to your holiday home is a company, which is closed during the months April to October