Ferienwohnung Bruns


An apartment in the Eifel region with an attractive loggia.

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The Bruns holiday residence is surrounded by hills in the small Eifel village of Berenbach. The residence is comfortable and very stylishly furnished. The owner has put a lot of thought into the furnishings, which provide a romantic, ethnic and above all charming atmosphere. The bedroom is particularly lovely, as is the bordering open gallery bedrooms, which is reached via 2 wood beam landings. When the weather is agreeable you can enjoy breakfast on the loggia or in the garden. The apartment is less suitable for families with small children due to the open spaces and varying heights. If you enjoy walking, cycling and beautiful scenery this is the place for you. The surrounding area has a lot to offer such as the Geschichtsstrasse which you can walk along and the Eifel Vulkan-Rad-Route on which you can cycle. The Nürburgring, one of Germany’s most famous Formula 1 circuits, is well worth visiting. As is Kasselburg’s Eagle and Wolf park which is twenty kilometres away.