Quiet location in a road game holiday home in the Black Forest style.

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The detached holiday bungalow (approximately 110 sq. m.) is situated just outside of the small, idyllically located village of Feusdorf. The bungalow lies in a so-called play street (here, you may only drive at walking speed). But do not be afraid, the street is only used by residents and their visitors. The terrace, which is a little above street level and faces the front side, is sunny the whole day when the weather’s nice and invites you to cosily enjoy a glass of wine, a Kölsch or anything else in the evenings. If you prefer the shade, you’ll find it behind the building in a small lawn area. If you are lucky, you can observe deer in the nearby meadow in the early evening hours from the kitchen or the terrace (with the help of a pair of binoculars). Feusdorf is part of the holiday region of Oberes Kylltal in the Eifel. The landscape of the Eifel was formed by volcanic activities in the past. This is apparent from the numerous maar lakes (volcano lakes), e. g. at Daun. A visit to the Eifel is worthwhile throughout the year. The varied landscape with mountains, forests, meadows and rivers is ideally suited for hiking and cycling tours. Motorcyclists love the gentle curves in the road and the road gradients. Riding, golf playing, fishing and skiing/cross-country skiing/tobogganing are also possible. Apart from several destinations in the Vulkaneifel, you can also comfortably make a quick trip to Cologne or Trier by train. The station Jünkerath is located at a distance of 1 km (there are sufficient parking lots at your disposal). The DVD-player is now a blu-ray disc player. The TV (satellite) is a smart TV (satellite).