Ehemalige Dorfschule / Pfarrhaus


Extraordinary and stylishly furnished group house near the Edersee

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A holiday in this former school and parish church is like a trip back in time but with modern conveniences. This used to be the village school until the church began using it as a parsonage in the 1950s. The accommodation was fully updated in 2013 and equipped with all the contemporary conveniences. The home has seven bedrooms, three bathrooms and a 40m meeting room that you can use for seminars, table tennis, meditation or yoga. There is a little brook that meanders past this room and the garden. This villa, which has a lovely staircase, boasts high ceilings and country house details, including a few authentic half-timbered walls. The interior has been designed with great taste and an eye for detail, offering a unique accommodation full of charm and comfort. Most of the mattresses are from Auping and Pullman. You will have the house entirely to yourself, including the enclosed garden. The Edersee, a lake with all sorts of water sport facilities, is located 5 kilometres away. Other options include a day of skiing, since Winterberg and Willingen are 50 kilometres from the holiday house. The house has almost 300 m2 of living space. On the first floor are two bathrooms and six bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms has a different theme. You can feel like Sheherazade in the Arabian Nights as you sleep in a romantic room with a double ‘sultan bed’ in Middle Eastern style. Or are Heidi and Peter more your speed? Then you can opt for the ‘Yodelayhee’ theme and sleep in a cheerful room with rustic elements from mountain folklore, plus a modern fireplace. Nostalgic holidaymakers will no doubt prefer the ‘Nostalgia’ theme, where you go back to grandmother’s era. The room is decorated in 1950s/60s style. The ‘White Room’ is a light-filled room designed in white with a poster depicting water. The ‘Queens Room’ is for true ladies with a vanity table and floral decoration in the English/French style. Decoration is neutral in the ‘youth room’, though you will find a TV and DVD player with children’s films, including lots of horror films for the older kids. The ‘senior bedroom’ is on the ground floor with an extra-height single bed. This room is done in 1970s style. Next to this room is a small bathroom, making it a great place to stay for people with limited mobility. The very gemütlich atmosphere of the old parsonage and the outside portion with a garden is sure to provide quite an enjoyable holiday. The detached house is on a through road, so access to the accommodation is guaranteed in the winter months as well. You certainly won’t be bothered by traffic in this little village of 650 people. A bakery van stops by every day. You can also order fresh bread and have it delivered at the time of your choice on a daily basis. There are three restaurants within walking distance in this quiet village: a pancake house in the former train station (1500 metres), a pizzeria (500 metres) and the local Gasthaus Heck (300 metres) which, in addition to a bite to eat and a drink in the ‘Kneipe’, also offers bowling.