Dwingelderveld Dichtbij


A detached cottage on the edge of the Dwingelderveld nature park

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This detached cottage is located on the edge of Dwingelderveld National Park. The cottage is situated on the grounds of a Drenthe farm. Both bedrooms have a small en suite bathroom with a shower. The living room with an open-plan kitchen has a gas fireplace for extra ambience. The cottage’s terrace offers a view of Dwingelderveld’s forests and heath. When you rent the cottage there will be bicycles waiting for you for €6 per day. Dwingelderveld National Park and the surrounding area are excellent for hiking and cycling. Dwingelderveld is a unique nature preserve. It is the largest contiguous wet heathland in Western Europe, containing heaths with ponds, fens, woods and sand drifts. The heathland is even managed by two flocks of sheep, each with its own shepherd. You can also view ancient dolmens in the immediate vicinity and there is even a museum dedicated to the subject in Borger. An excursion to Giethoorn is another daytrip option. If you are holidaying with the kids then a trip to Emmen Zoo is sure to be a hit. A central location with lots of options for daytrips.