Devant le Bois


Large detached house surrounded by nature

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This classic mansion is situated in Erneuville (or Rnuveye) in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, nearly half an hour away from Bastogne and a small hour away from Namen/Namur. The living room in the house has a cozy sitting area with a fireplace. Through the French doors, you’ll arrive on the terrace with a beautiful view on the woody environment where you can pleasantly walk. There’s a barbecue on the terrace. Next to the living room, there’s a cosy dining room. There even is an old-fashioned service-hatch to pass on food from the kitchen. On the grounds of the mansion, you’ll find a tennis court and garage, among other things. In the main building, there are five bedrooms and two bathrooms. In the annex building, situated on the same domain, 50 meters from the main building, you’ll find another two bedrooms and a spacious, renovated bathroom. The forest and the adjacent river are within walking distance from the mansion. The supermarket is 3 km away.