Design Beach House 3


Spacious oceanfront villa, situated in Punt Vierkant on Bonaire island

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Design Beach House 3 is a beautiful, spacious oceanfront villa, situated at Punt Vierkant, in the southwest corner of Bonaire Island. In total there are five oceanfront villas in a row, this villa being the middle one. The villa offers lots of privacy and a stunning view over the Caribbean sea. A coral-covered staircase bring you to a spacious living room on the first floor. The living room is connected to the outdoor living room, equipped with very comfortable furniture. The villa is perfectly attuned to the wind; a refreshing sea breeze constantly blows through the living room. The garden, which includes gorgeous tropical trees and plants, is spacious and equipped with very comfortable furniture. You can cool down in the pool and relax on the loungers around the pool. Would you rather relax in the shadow? This is possible under the gazebo (pavilion) with a stunning view. On this side of the island people frequently spot dolphins; an additional reason to look out over the azure ocean. Through a stairway you will reach the Caribbean sea, so you can dive and snorkel in your own backyard.