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Beautiful thatched villa on a park with swimming pond in the forest

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If you are looking for peace and quiet with plenty of space, then this lovely villa in a bungalow park in a very natural setting in Rekem is just the ticket. The villa, which has a charming thatched roof, is built with large windows, so the interior gets great light and you can enjoy the surrounding natural beauty to the fullest. While you drink your morning cup of coffee in the well-equipped kitchen, you can be entertained by the antics of the squirrels that hide in the trees round the house. This is the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries. The park is situated round a large natural pond with a sandy beach, where you can swim in summer. The park also has a playground and a pleasant outdoor cafe. The forested setting is naturally ideal for long hikes and bike rides. You will find bicycle paths through the area. You can safely store your own bike in a shed by the house. Fancy a day out? Then head to Maastricht city centre and savour the easy life with a beer at Vrijthof square, or to the charming city of Brussels for a day of great shopping.