De Sterrenhemel


Charming terraced house, perfect for a couple, also together with BE-4783-03

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Perfect for a couple, still very suitable for four people. That’s how you could characterise this atmospheric, terraced house. There is one bedroom with a large bed and in the living room there are two more single beds. You will have have plenty of room for two people, as there is also a separate seating area. And if you are with more people: don’t worry, the dining table and tableware have been arranged for this. If you’re wondering where the house’s name, "De Sterrenhemel" (The Starry Sky), comes from, then close the curtains and turn off all the lights. That is to say, all switches but one. And then you will see it on the ceiling. There is a small terrace adjacent to the house, but you can only reach that by going through the window. For people with mobility problems, this isn’t recommended. The house is connected with the BE-4783-03. If your group is even larger, then you can rent both houses and still have enough privacy. The house is located near the border between Belgium and Germany, making it an ideal base for all sorts of activities. For example, take advantage of the RAVel cycling paths, which will take you along stunning areas.