Champ Rebouleau Dun les Places


Wonderful holiday home with private swimming pool and terraces near Dun-les-Places

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Looking for peace, privacy, beautiful nature and the outdoors? Then we have this fantastic holiday house with private swimming pool near Dun-les-Places (2km) for you. Next to the pool you’ll find a spacious terrace with a pool house that has a hot water shower and a toilet. There is a covered terrace with cozy lounge furniture and the children can enjoy themselves on the giant trampoline. Bakery and grocery shop in Thin, supermarket in Lormes (19km). You can find this fantastic property in the heart of the Morvan, an attractive natural area that, although rough, is great to discover. The corresponding private lake (careful with children) is bursting with fish; a fishing rod is not to be sneezed at. In the area you will find many recreational lakes: Lake St. Agnan (13km) and Lac des Settons (14km) are perfect for a day by the water. An amusement park can be found in Chamoux (47km). There’s good golfing at Vic-sous-Thil (36km) . If you like culture we recommend Vezelay (39km) with its famous basilica St. Madelaine, and the fortified city of Avallon (36km). You will be amazed at the the castles of Bourbilly (46km), Epoisse (39km) and Bazoches (33km). The abbey Pierre qui Vire at St Leger Vauban (18km) is also more than worth it.