Cosy, detached chalet in lush valley with mountain stream 50 metres away

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Rest and nature! Small chalet at the foot of the Massif du Donon (14 km) with large garden and a path to mountain stream that flows 50 meters from your house. The perfect place for picnics. The children entertain themselves with dams. The chalet is simple but practical. It is lovely to sit on the raised terrace, you only hear the birds while enjoying a glass of Moselle wine … The Donon is a mountain with the highest point (1,009 m) an orientation table where you have panoramic views Has a perfect walking environment with more than 700 km of landscaped trails! In Abreschviller (20 km) is a swimming lake with beach. For a larger lake with water sports facilities, visit the recreational lake at Pierre Percée (36 km). Other interesting attractions in the area include the Rocher de Dabo (40 km) with beautiful views, the Plan Incliné (ship lift) at St. Louis-Arzviller (41 km) and the nice place of St. Quirin (13 km). Baker and supermarket In St. Quiri N. For larger supermarkets and more facilities, go to Sarrebourg (29 km).