Berre les Alpes


Neat house in Berre-les-Alpes (2 km) close to Nice and Monaco

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Neat cottage in the picturesque mountain village of Berre-les-Alpes (2 km), at the edge of the nature reserve Mercantour National Park. The village is high (682 m) at a viewpoint, the air is pure here and you’re surrounded by panoramic views. You occupy the ground floor of the villa of the very friendly owner. There is a spacious bathroom that is wheelchair accessible. This destination is for everyone ideaal.In the healthy mountain air is wonderful sports. The choice is yours from numerous hiking and biking trails, over beautiful mountain roads. You pause in one of the cute mountain villages, such as Contes (6 km) or the medieval hilltop villages L’Escarène (6 km) and Luceram (12 km). In Berre-les-Alpes, you can do your daily boodschappen.Dit house is located in the beautiful hinterland of Nice (20 km) and Monaco (35 km). In Monaco stroll through the luxury marina and visit the Grimaldi Palace "s. You finish the day with a glass of rosé on one of the beaches on the Cote d’Azur. Follow the coastal route from Monaco to Nice, and pause for instance in the lovely village of Eze (33 km). Enjoy!