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Tasteful and cosy accommodation in the heart of Bruges, in an authentic house with stepped gable

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This cosy room is located in the heart of Bruges in a medieval building adjoining the Bruges Speelmansrei, just a two-minute walk from all the shops and fun sights of the city. You enter via a puppet theatre and climb a medieval staircase. The authentic beams, shelf floors and gothic fireplace in the guest room help you immerse yourself in a bath of nostalgia and a bygone era; the four-poster bed makes a romantic stay certain. Make a cosy cup of tea or coffee and relax after a day in bustling Bruges. The historic city centre of Bruges is a must see when you come to stay! It is a collection of old alleyways, beautiful facades and lovely square, as though you’re walking into an open air museum. In the past, inhabitants entered the city on horseback; experience the same and take a ride on the horse-drawn carriage. Discover everything the city has to offer: the hall tower, the fish market, the begijnhof, the beautiful churches, stunning museums and much, much more! Take a bike trip in the greenery through the west of Bruges, with its gates and windmills, and visit Damme, the village of Tijl Uilenspiegel just 5 km from Bruges. Zeebrugge is just over 10 km from Bruges. After Antwerp, it’s Belgium’s most important harbour. Zeebrugge also features a small resort. Even though some of the beach had to make space for the harbour, it is still worth a visit. It includes Seafront, a theme park focusing on the maritime history of fishing in the region. You can view a range of real boats, submersibles and torpedos. You can also find out what it’s like to live on a submarine.