Appartement de Dieupart


Apartment in the beautiful castle "Château de Dieupart"

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The beautiful castle ‘Domaine Château de Dieupart’ is located on the riverside of the Amblève river. It is surrounded by nature, yet close to the city center of Aywaille. The castle is fully renovated and divided into seven apartments, each with their own charm. Behind the castle there is a small campsite. However, you will not be disturbed by this. In the vicinity of the castle there are loads of activities. For example, visit the beautiful caves of Remouchamps, partly on foot and partly by boat. You’ll be amazed how nature has done its job in this cave, combined with a rich history, dating back to 8000 years ago. Sports lovers will not get bored as well, because of the several hiking and biking trails which are located in the immediate vicinity of the castle. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the peace and the beautiful nature that the area has to offer. The Amblève river has something very special to offer: the waterfalls of Coo. With a height of fifteen feet, they are considered one of the highest waterfalls in Belgium. Did you bring your children with you on this holiday? Then make use of this oppertunity and visit the amusement park Plopsa Coo, located beside to the beautiful waterfalls.