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Group accommodation in former miller house, combination of BE-4770-10 and BE-4770-11

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This former miller house consists of three apartments, which can all be rented separately, but can also be combined. Although BE-4770-10 and BE-4770-11 both have a lockable door, they share an entrance, making it ideal for a company of up to 18 people. Because it concerns two apartments, each fully self-sufficient, a degree of privacy can be kept, while still feeling like you are on holiday together. The house has modern facilities. For instance, both kitchens offer all mod cons for the modern guest. Direct stairs from one of the apartments into the garden have been build. It’s a good operating base for a variety of recreational activities such as skiing, cross-country skiing, walking, cycling, horse riding, swimming and sailing. The footpath in Heppenbach is highly recommended. If the weather is bad, you can go to the indoor playground in Malmedy. There is also a free outdoor playground in St. Vith. A visit to the Jacques chocolate museum, with corresponding chocolate factory is also fun. Here you can see the chocolate makers at work without interrupting them, from the footbridge above the production hall. This is where the delicious Jacques chocolate products are produced.